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colette's children home

for our fifth event, smartreach organized an art supplies donation drive open to all students across our school district. we received around 150 items that our board packaged into art kits. we then donated the 75 art packages to colette's children home! this shelter houses women and their kids and aims to provide them with stability and comfort.


colored pencils, markers, glitter, etc.

megs and aara.jpeg

our board packaging donations together on a saturday!

our executive cabinet (two co-founders and vice presidents) hand delivered all the packages to the office for colette's children home. thank you so much to patty for giving us a tour of the facilities and giving us primary insight into the amazing work you all do! she emphasized the importance of giving these children access to creative outlets. we are proud to have made a difference.

outside colettes.jpeg

executive cabinet outside colette's with the donations

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