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our story.  

Smartreach Foundation was born in a small local coffee shop in Irvine, California. Aarya Padhye and Sachi Lakhina began working on their idea in July 2019 with a small team of 8 individuals. Our team and impact have grown since then with many events and new methods of helping the community.


Several of our board members know first hand how lonely hospitals can be, and our personal experiences reflect on the goals we value in Smartreach Foundation. 

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some of the values that make up smartreach foundation 

Art is often used as a form of healing and self understanding. Many of these children are dealing with physical and mental illnesses, we aspire to bring them joy and a sense of inclusion through art. We want these kids to feel loved, remembered, and important. 

All our events are planned with the intention to create a lasting impact and ensure that everyone involved takes away a sense of joy or accomplishment. Our focus is not on personal gain, we focus instead on the patients and the artists we work with.

With every event that we create, our board doesnt focus on the number of patients impacted, but rather the idea that whoever is impacted, has a lasting and fulfilling impact. We want to provide the best care to those who we reach, and that means quality over quantity. 

love and care.




how our events works 

Our events generally take place during a major holiday season, a time when many kids in hospitals are unable to take advantage of the festivities due to their conditions. We plan a winter, spring, and summer event; all three focus on art and giving back to the patients.


Our winter and spring events take place in the hospital directly. We outsource artwork based on a theme fitting the season from local students taking art classes in the area. Along with the paintings we acquire from the students, we also plan a craft/activity based on the theme for the patients to make with us. We choose a day to go to the hospitals and we hand out the paintings and host tables with activities.


Our summer event generally has more involvement with the community and we open up participation to a larger group of people. Summer events are generally week long events/seminars where we foster patient and non-patient interaction. Art-Fairs and lessons are some of our main types of weekly events.

Part 1. 


After a few weeks we will go back to the art studio to collect the works. Before we can distribute the paintings we have to make sure it meets hospital guidelines by laminating and cleaning the artwork we receive. With the help of volunteers we will disinfect and decontaminate all the art. After this,  our board will go to each patient and hand deliver the painting, allowing the child to feel loved and thought of. Students from the art studio that have created a painting for a patient will be left feeling better about themselves, and know that they helped someone else in the community.

Part 2. 


Our Board of Directors plans an event, a theme, and begins the process of partnering up with a hospital and art studio. Our communication directors will contact various hospitals and understand any regulations to prevent cross contamination, and get information regarding the number of patients and possible partnership opportunities. Our art representatives will advertise the theme and project to different art studios, and help obtain the required number of paintings. The theme will be announced three months prior to the project to allow enough time for students to create a piece they love!

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