Division Smile

lily freeman

vice president

hi! i’m lily and i love bucket hats ALMOST as much as i love smartreach! smartreach is my favorite thing because our team is like family and we are all extremely passionate about what we’re working towards. it is the most rewarding feeling getting to make these kids’ days better while getting to do it with our closely bonded group :)

CHarlotte cao

vice president

my favorite thing about smartreach, besides the fact that we get to give back to the community, is the dynamic of our team. we genuinely are a family, and it means the world to me that i get to work with and learn from so many talented and kind individuals. outside of smartreach, i can probably be found drinking an excessive amount of thai tea boba from 7 Leaves!

SONIA goyal


i love smartreach because it’s my chance to share my love of art with others! also, the overall environment and purpose is just amazing. a fun fact about me is that my first kiss was with a dolphin!



i am smartreach foundation's co-treasurer this year and i'm ecstatic to bring joy to people who need it the most in these tough times. even though i myself am not artistically gifted, it's heartwarming to help out and see wonderful acts of kindness in the world. a fun fact about me is that i like to make apps! i think it would be cool to see a smartreach app that uniquely solves a problem among hospitals and patients in the future.

AMber lee


smartreach is such an amazing way to help kids and make their day. i love all the events we will be able to do, especially with such a great team! just a few random fun facts: i started drawing when i was 3 years old and i can ski and snowboard!

Brookelyn guan


i’m so pumped to get to work with everyone on smartreach this year! the environment is incredible, and i am beyond excited to be apart everything we accomplish this year. smartreach is an amazing, unique organization, and i am so grateful to have to opportunity to work in it.