How it works

Part 0ne

Our Board of Directors plans an event, a theme, and begins the process of partnering up with a hospital and art studio. Our communication directors will contact various hospitals and understand any regulations to prevent cross contamination, and get information regarding the number of patients and possible partnership opportunities. Our art representatives will advertise the theme and project to different art studios, and help obtain the required number of paintings. The theme will be announced three months prior to the project to allow enough time for students to create a piece they love!

Part Two

After three months we will go back to the art studio to collect the works. Before we can distribute the paintings we have to make sure it meets hospital guidelines by laminating and cleaning the artwork we receive. With the help of volunteers we will disinfect and decontaminate all the art. After this,  our board will go to each patient and hand deliver the painting, allowing the child to feel loved and thought of. Students from the art studio that have created a painting for a patient will be left feeling better about themselves, and know that they helped someone else in the community.