on the july of 2019, sachi and i sat in coffee tomo gushing over how excited we were to co-found this nonprofit, which we had named as smartreach foundation. since that day, my love and excitment has only grown for smartreach. not only have i grown on my leadership skills through smartreach, but i have learnt the value of giving back and the significance of collaboration. in june 2020 we held board interviews to create a new board with a fresh set of new ideas, skills, and creativity. applications were open for two weeks, and by the end, we had over 90 applications submitted. the team that has been created for smartreach foundation for the 20-21 year, is comprised of the most genuine and talented individuals i have ever met. i am confident that together we will take smartreach’s mission to new heights and make an impact throughout various communities.  


hello! my name is sachi lakhina and i am the cofounder of smartreach foundation. to say that smartreach is one of the most important things i’ve ever done with my life would be a complete and total understatement. i’m so grateful for all that i’ve been able to accomplish with my amazing team, i can’t wait to impact more lives. bringing a smile to a child’s face is such an eye opening experience, i will never get enough of that feeling.